Students Attend Mr. Servando’s Talk on “Real Essence of Brotherhood and Sisterhood”

The Lasallian Formation and Mission Department (LFMD) in coordination with the School Counseling Office (SCO) have organized a talk on the “Real Essence of Brotherhood and Sisterhood” last August 1 and 29, 2014 with Mr. Aurelio Servando as the resource speaker.


Mr. Aurelio is the father of Giullo Servando, a De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde student who died after suffering from the fraternity’s hazing rites. Mr. Aurelio came to DLSZ to share his advocacy on anti-fraternity.


The title of his talk was “The Real Essence of Brotherhood and Sisterhood”. The said program were participated in by Grade 9 to Fourth Year High School students of the Day School and Br. Rafael Donato FSC Night High School students.


He shared his sentiments and feelings of a grieving father who lost his son at a young age. Mr. Servando’s talk seem to show how regretful he was for the demise of his son when he could have been wonderfully enjoying his life at his time.  The students witnessed the conviction and the advocacy of Mr. Servando–that the real essence of brotherhood and sisterhood is not to be affiliated in any fraternity group that promotes detrimental hazing. Rather, one has to get involved in the official clubs or organizations of the school.


There was an active participation of the students during the open forum. A number of questions about fraternities and other related matters arised.


At the end of the talk, the first hand and personal experience of Mr. Servando has helped the students realize the following:


“It made me realize that life can go on without joining frats. Life is important. Make it last.”

“I realized that joining frat may cost not only my life but also my future.”

“Think before joining; because the sadness people feel will not end once you’re gone.”

“It made me aware of the possible things that can happen especially when you’re in a situation where you are being invited to join a frat.”

“I was moved and touched. It was a smart move for inviting him to talk before us so that we realize the consequences when involving yourself in these types of groups.”

“Very eye opening, raises awareness and really heart breaking.”

“Persuasive yet sentimental; it is an experience that everyone should listen to.”

“I realized that we should be careful regarding our choices. Joining a certain group or organization may claim to give you “brotherhood/sisterhood” but then they end up hurting you. We should be okay in being on our own, one should strive to be good in aspects such as academics, sports, and etc. not to strive for popularity and a perfect social life.”

“I realized that we need to be careful in our daily lives and we need to make a choice and make a stand. We need to understand the meaning of true brotherhood with the many friendship and relationships we keep.”

“I know now that we must make good decisions because our actions affect our lives and our future. I also realized that joining frats or sororities is not the only way to help solve my problems.”

“The talk taught me how important it is when it comes to joining fraternities and sororities. We should always be careful and always asks for your parents approval before joining such groups.”

“We must make wiser decisions and consider how our choices may affect the lives of the people around us.”

“Frats aren’t always about brotherhood/sisterhood because brothers and sisters don’t hurt each other, so we should be careful.”

“We need to always be aware of our surroundings and the people we acquaint ourselves with. We can also resort to other extra-curriculars if we feel out of place especially in the first year of college.”

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